Corporate Brand Activation in Minneapolis MN

How to make a corporate event fun & memorable? Bring the WOW factor!

When a marketing agency approached us to create a super fun brand activation for their client, we knew we had the right photo experience for them.

For this new year eve bash, which was also a 2-day concert/rave at the historic Armory in Minneapolis MN, we custom branded our Boomerang Photo Booth and set up a TV slideshow with social media sharing station for people to share their boomerangs.

A custom branded micro-site website provided an online gallery of the photos & GIFs that the attendees took, so they could text or email themselves their photo creations.


Some of the boomerangs from the corporate brand activation

People lined up for the opportunity to create fun animated GIF boomerangs.  They were excited and said how cool it was, and they hadn't seen anything like that.

Photo booth marketing

When planning a corporate event or marketing brand activation, adding a Photo Active Experience is a great way to expand your brands marketing reach.

By giving attendees a fun and memorable experience, it creates a positive memory of your brand.

When you add the ability to share those photos online via text, email, and social media, you expand your brands social media reach and awareness.

Social media reach by the numbers


With our advanced social media sharing features, we can track and estimate the total number of downloads & shares and calculate the total social media reach a photo booth brand activation has.

Custom Branded Photo Booth Experience

To provide a custom branded experience, we wrapped our corporate event photo booth with graphics & logos for the event sponsor.  For this specific event, we made the photo booth look like a tall bottle of vodka with matching red logos.


After the success of the 2-day New Years Eve photo booth brand activation, we were able to re-use the branding, design, and micro site for another last-minute photo booth marketing activation at the Mall of America in Bloomington MN.