Boomerang GIF Booth

GIF... JIF... Whatever you call it, it's freakin cool!

Boomerang / GIF Photo Booth

Photo booths aren’t just for still photos anymore! Take your next event to the next level with one of our interactive animated GIF photo booths. We can animate multiple photos into a stop-motion image, or capture a burst of photos to create an video boomerang.

Our staff graphic designer can also create a custom animated GIF photo frame to animate a still photo, either adding corporate branding or an animated monogram to remember the event by.

With our social media photo booth sharing options, your event guests can share their photo booth creations with the world, expanding your brands reach.

The burst GIF or Boomerang GIF is a video clip recorded and animated together to create a 2-3 second long video, and then reversed to give it the “Boomerang” effect. It is smoother and more video like than a traditional or classic Animated GIF that looks more stop-motion.

All of our animated GIFs can be downloaded as an MP4 file for proper sharing to popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.  Below are examples of our boomerang GIF booth from past events.

Take your Boomerang Photo Booth to the next level with prints!

When you think of a photo booth, what comes to mind? 


Even with our high tech animated GIF boomerang photo booth experience, you and your guests can still take home a personalized photo strip.

Add our Unlimited On-Site Prints & Reprints to your boomerang photo booth rental. 

The photo booth will take several frames from your animated GIF boomerang and put them into your personalized print template.

Other GIF and animation options for your photo booth

With our classic Animated GIF booth hire option, your photo booth pictures are taken, and then animated into a short stop-motion video clip to be saved as a GIF or MP4 to be shared on social media.

Green Screen Animated GIF & Video Photo Booth

With the power of our exclusive green screen technology, we can superimpose your animated GIF or regular photo booth pictures onto any background you would like.

It can be a single image, or it can be an animated video clip to create fun & unique backgrounds for your guests.

Animated GIF Photo Frames for Still Photo Booth Pictures

Create truly unique and memorable photo booth experiences with our animated still photos. Our camera snaps a still photo of you and your guests, and then our exclusive GIF photo booth technology goes to work in the background to animate the template.

Freeze yourself into an animated snow globe, be captured by the paparazzi, or simply have a fun animated photo frame for sharing on your favorite social media networks!