Slow Motion Video Booth

  • For a fun & unique experience that your guests have never seen before, Photo Active Events slow motion video option is the perfect add-on for any of our MN photo booth packages.

    Our slow motion camera captures video footage at up to 240 frames per second and can slow down time. a 4 second video clip can be stretched out to 20 seconds!

    Throw some confetti, shake your body, play with our fun props, and watch the video played back in super slow motion.

  • Every guest records a short video clip in slow motion, and then they can text/sms, email, or share it on social media. At the end of the event, we compile a fun highlight video of all the slow motion sessions.

    After the event, all of the individual slow motion videos are available for download.

Create Epic Experiences

Photo Active Events’ Slow Motion Video Booth is a fun & unique feature to add to your event.  We capture video at a very high frame rate, and slow it down to 20-25% speed so you can see things that would otherwise be missed.