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Making Special Events Memorable & FUN!

What is a Photo Active Event?

Photo Active Events are not your grandpa’s old-timey photo booth rental.

With the latest & greatest technology… we CREATE photo experiences for your guests, customers, or attendees.

We call events ACTIVATIONS.

Why?  Because we are not simply renting you a “Photo Booth”

We are actively involved in creating the end-result you want.

Choose Your Desired Result

  • Engaging Your Guests/Customers/Attendees

    People are attending your event, a lot of effort & energy goes into the planning. Don’t leave your guests feeling blah or left out!

  • FUN, Laughter, & Shenanigans

    Nothing gets people out of their shells more than the opportunity to show off. Give a grumpy person a prop and they give themselves permission to laugh and have fun!

  • Memorable Keepsake

    Party favors get thrown away, business cards get thrown away… But photographs? They get framed, or put on the fridge where they are seen and remembered for years!

  • Sharing & Social Reach

    People have friends, share photos, tag each other, comment, like/love

  • Brand Awareness

    Businesses use Activations to create awareness of their brand, services and create positive experiences with their customers.

  • Creating Connections

    Connect with your guests/customers/attendees after the event and further develop your relationships.

We Like To Play

Together We Design YOUR Event




  • Unlimited Photo Prints
  • Up to 2 Hours
  • Booth Master: A Fun Attendant  
  • Fun Prop Signs Available
  • Standard Backdrop (White or Charcoal)
  • Personalized Photo Prints (Name & Date)



  • Unlimited Photo Prints
  • Up to 5 Hours
  • Booth Master: A Fun Attendant  
  • Fun Prop Signs
  • Premium Props (Masks / Boas)
  • Premium Backdrop Options
  • Green Screen Backdrop
  • Customized Photo Prints
  • Up to 3 Photo Print Templates
  • Digital Copies of Every Photo Print
  • Animated GIF / Video
  • Slow Motion Video
  • Memory Book Keepsake Included