Photo Booth Tech


A highly advanced photo booth, the VENTURE is the little brother to the INFINITE photo booth.  Voted Photo Booth of the Year in 2018, the VENTURE photo booth has all the power and capabilities to do any event, in a compact and versatile shell.

Its open style allows for large group photos for you and your guests.

With a high-resolution DSLR camera, the VENTURE takes amazing photo booth photos.

Powered by the same high-tech software as the INFINITE, the venture can be configured to do everything its big brother can (just not all at the same time, it only has 1 camera instead of 3)

This photo booth is great for weddings, marketing activations corporate events, bar mitzvah & bat mizvahs, and school events.  Easily wrapped in custom vinyl, the VENTURE photo booth can be completely branded to your event.

Open Style Photo Booth Minneapolis 39